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Set your Phasers on Stun

June 16, 2015 by Corey

Hey everyone,

I’m pretty excited about this PhaserJS thing. Phaser is a Javascript framework used for developing HTML5 games and it’s pretty awesome. It’s just the right amount of complexity to keep me wondering how far can I take it, and the instant gratification coding something very quickly and seeing it do something on screen

After spending some time doing some of the Phaser tutorials I’ve learned how to properly structure my game with states and using multiple JS files for each state (boot.js, game.js, load.js, etc.), how to use tile sheets made with Tiled, and of course how to shoot some bullets.

I’m currently developing an action platform game in the vein of the old school Megaman games. I’ve made a short checklist on things I need to complete to finish this game

  1. Camera
  2. Level Design (6 total, 1-2 for vertical slice)
  3. Enemy Design
  4. Sounds
  5. Ability Mechanics
  6. GUI
  7. Music
  8. Bosses

Breaking down a “simple” game like this really gives you an idea of the scale you’re looking at when making a game. This thing is huge! So far I’ve been chipping at the edges of the GUI, but I feel like Level Design and the Camera would be the quickest way to show something resembling a game. Those two are top of the list.

Oh and while you’re here, it’d be a good idea to tell you that I’ll be documenting the whole thing on Github; now that I have SublimeGit up and running I’m staging and committing at lightning speeds.  Seriously, I love this tool.  I’ll also put up any tutorials that have helped me at the bottom of a post. Share the knowledge, share the powah.

Till’ next time guys.

Phaser Tutorial: understanding Phaser states

Creating A Platformer Tilemap (For Phaser)




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