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Making progress…Block Breaker v.2!

February 19, 2015 by Corey

I’m moving through the class pretty quickly though not as fast as I’d like. Need to pick up the pace! I added more than a few things and now it’s actually a game. Honestly it looks pretty basic, but I could not be more proud of myself ūüėÄ

Added things includes:

There are more changes like better organized code but I’ll just throw that in the github.

Something I realized I don’t enjoy is level design. ¬†Organizing the bricks in the right place to make a good puzzle is kind of a chore to me. ¬†I prefer creating the building blocks (puns!) for Block Breaker rather than the level design. ¬†Maybe I just haven’t dove into that school of thought yet to be able to have an appreciation for it. ¬†I’ll go with¬†that.




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